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Burlesque Lessons and Hen Parties

We can provide a burlesque lesson for your party or corporate event or private burlesque lessons for individuals or groups. These fun, flirty parties and lessons concentrate on retro and modern elements of burlesque and exotic dance (burlesque routines, creating a character, movement, props, elements of striptease - no nudity) and are available at several London venues. Parties and private lessons tailored to suit you and your group. Contact us for details.

We also provide burlesque/pole parties and lessons, which combine the best of burlesque with simple, spinny pole dance moves into a fabulous routine which can be tailored to suit complete novices or those with more dance experience.

We can also travel to a venue of your choice for any of the above.

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Q: Are Burlesque/Exotic Dance Classes for me?
A: If you want to have fun, increase your fitness, and increase your confidence, then yes. If you are interested in learning the sensuous moves done by exotic dancers and burlesque artists, then yes!

Q: Do I need previous dance or striptease experience?
A: No, not at all.

Q: What should I wear?
A: Short shorts or a short skirt or dress which will enable you to move freely (no denim).

Wearing shoes with heels (not stilettos, which mark the floor) which have backs or straps which support your ankle, is also strongly encouraged.
No open-back shoes, as your feet can slip off the back.

You may do the class in bare feet if you do not own appropriate footwear. Please do be aware that heels are generally worn during burlesque/exotic dancing because the body weight is pitched differently than walking flat footed.

Q: Is there nudity in the class?
A: No. We learn burlesque/striptease techniques, but there is no nudity during the lessons. You may only work with nudity during private lessons by prior agreement.

Q: What if I enter the class with a chronic or prior injury, or if I am pregnant?
A: Please inform the instructor if you have a chronic or prior injury, or if you are pregnant.

Q: How do I pay for my Burlesque/Exotic Dance class?
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For all Burlesque/Exotic Dance enquiries, please contact us @ dana@rocknrollpole.com
or 07950 981 561.